Sinus inflammation can cause major problems not only in the face but in the body as well. The head, particularly the nose, eyes and mouth, are the first to be exposed to the toxic environment, particularly our toxic air.  Your body's lymphatic channels sit below the face so if the 'filter' is fed toxins, that's what is being fed to the body. Sinus inflammation unaffected can then spread to other areas of the face and eventually into the neck and breathing airway causing breathing problems such as asthma and environmental sensitivities (allergies). Sinus and facial inflammation can also cause a 'restructuring' of the nose and face. As the heavy fluid stretches the skin, the face can look fuller, more wrinkled and pointed , all causing the face to look older.

A jade sinus facial uses a combination of non-invasive cold laser and microcurrent treatments designed to stimulate the body's detox channels while softening and removing inflammation and scar tissue around the nose, cheeks, jowls and neck. Sinus facials are performed in a series. The results often include better breathing, a slimming and lifting of the face and nose, fuller cheekbones, resolution of skin problems such as acne, rosacea and hyperpigmentation.