jade and old scars


There is a significance of old scars that we should be made aware of. Old scars can become scar tissue affective enough to cause greater problems in the body. Old scars come in different forms including keloids,  stretch marks, scabs and post operative scarring.  Scar tissue that has been in the body over a number of years can continue to build, even into the organs causing other symptoms such as IBS, incontinence, hypoglycemia and pain, just to name a few... Oftentimes surgery to try and remove scar tissue causes more scar tissue. 

Any 'trauma' to the body causes the body to want to 'heal' itself  by sending fluid to the area. Normal lymphatic function can remove that fluid but living in the toxic environment that we live in, that takes help. Jade detox stimulates the lymphatic system to open and reset, allowing the body's natural healing process to work. Each detox treatment removes the fluid from underneath the scars allowing them to soften and tighten over time. The skin's natural elasticity can tighten the skin. Detoxes are safe for children as young as 2. A series is needed for full affect based on the needs of the individual. Individualized essential oil scar serums are included.