Jade Facials

The non-invasive facelift

Jade facials are performed for a myriad of reasons. The primary functions of a jade facial are to detox fluid and inflammation from the face with cold laser through the lymphatic channels and then stimulates cell turnover while boosting collagen with high frequency and microcurrent. Inflammation in the face, particularly in and around the sinus cavity gives way to a restructuring of the face making our faces look older and heavier. Symptoms of fluid in the face may include 'bubble' eyes (eyes that 'pop' our of the face), breathing problems, asthma, larger noses, bumps under the eyes similar to moles, migraines, lockjaw or TMJ, hyper pigmentation,  fat cheeks, square jaw, ashen skin tone and turkey neck just to name a few. Speedier cell turnover is what gives the look of youth but the skin and body need to be detoxed first which is jade's primary function. 

Jade facials are painless and customized to the needs of the individual. The results are can be immediate and are progressive. If you are new to jade facials, we start you at a series of 3 and establish a follow up regimen after the initial series. Appointments generally run every 2-3 weeks.