Service Prices



Jade Bunion Treatment - Full Series (10) $100 
Jade Facial - Full Series (10)$120 
Full Body Detox$215
Hair Loss treatment (6)*$540 
Hair Loss treatment (12)*$1080
Jade for Pain (3)**$150
Jade for Pain (1)** (after purchase of series)$140
 Post Operative Lymphatic Drainage $150/area
 Post Operative Lymphatic Drainage  (5) $600 
 Jade Body Contour $205
 Jade Body Contour (5) $920
 Jade Body Contour (10) $1900
 Jade for Scars/Keloids $110
Botox  $18/Unit
 Juvederm Facial Filler $650/syringe
 Voluma Facial Volumizer $950

*Hair loss treatment services must be purchased in a series of 6 or 12 initially. After purchase of series, service price is reduced to $80/treatment

** Jade for Pain treatment must be purchased in series of 3 initially. $140/treatment after purchase of series.