Camille joined her mother Dr. Mussenden at Your Body By Design Medispa in 2007 as her business partner and primary Jade provider. As the daughter of three brilliant physicians, (Dr. Hampton Jackson (De), Dr. Caryl Mussenden and Dr. Rodney Ellis), she was amazed by the gift of healing her parents were given and used to make people better, happier. That desire became engrained in her spirit at a young age although she was not sure that conventional medicine was her route. She received her Bachelor's in Psychology  from Hampton University in 1996 and worked for the state of Virginia for a number of years before desired to move on. She spent the next 8 years on the road as a recruiter speaking to young girls about using the power of self reflection to strengthen their self esteem. 

In 2007, Dr. Mussenden asked her to come home and run the spa. That same year, she introduced Camille to Jade cold laser detox and the importance of removing inflammation through lymphatic channels as a way to detox and reset the body. She was hooked and became certified as a Jade Academician. From 2009 to 2012 as a primary caregiver to her father suffering from pancreatic cancer, she studied the body and the power it possessed to uninflame itself if it could be stimulated to detox and reset early enough after a disease diagnosis. Although her father was stage 4 when he was diagnosed, Jade detox was the only thing that gave any relief. It was then that she realized just how much we suffer unnecessarily in this country and vowed to make a difference. 

Camille believes in the power of the human body. Our bodies were created to reset and heal themselves but they must be given the environment to do so. Our environment (specifically our air and food) are very toxic to the delicate balance of cellular frequencies and does not allow our bodies to detox themselves, prohibiting speedy cell turnover. Jade detox stimulates the body's lymphatic channels allowing the body to clean itself which allows cells to reset and turn over, allowing the body to begin to heal itself. The proof is in the results. Clients have experienced relief from symptoms of cancer, hair loss, pain, strokes, bunions, sinus inflammation just to name a few. It is rare that a client leaves without feeling or looking better.


"We were given amazing gifts in our bodies and unfortunately our world is killing them quickly. Detox and natural reset is the only way to allow our bodies to function in perfection as they were meant to do."    Camille


We are taking jade to Atlanta!!! starting in October 2017, Camille will be splitting her time between the dmv area and Atlanta, ga!! requests for jade in the Atlanta area have been consistent and we are answering the call. Camille will be specializing in concierge service but will also be joining image medspa in Alpharetta, ga.